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Filling Empty Hamper Space

Shipping costs for large baskets have always been high, and continue to rise as fuel surcharges increase. We want the shipping charges you pay to be in balance with your merchandise total. Since the size of a box strongly influences the cost of shipping, filling the empty space inside large baskets with smaller items is smart.

Yeees! Adding more baskets doesn’t increase the shipping-to-merchandise-total imbalance as our set of 3 baskets can be nested inside one another, so we end up just adding winning cost large boxes without empty space to your order. Problem solved.

We definitely understand basket obsession (we have it, too). With a variety of smaller baskets, you can certainly stay true to baskets while still filling the empty interior space of a large hamper. When adding smaller baskets, pay attention to the diameter of the baskets you’re hoping to fill, and don’t try to add baskets with a larger diameter.

Yes, it’s possible to add so many small heavy items that shipping increases due to weight. Once again, balance is key. Our order fulfillment team does a fantastic job of packing items together for maximum safety during shipping. Their goal is to maximize empty space so you can profit more!

Don't throw away money!

Don't throw away money! Let's ship efficiently.

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Shipping Costs are a Pain!!!

Believe me, we get it. Rising shipping costs for containers and air shipments from Africa are hard for us to swallow, too. Working together thoughtfully to maximize every inch of shipping space isn’t just about profits. Efficient packing shows our respect for the environment and our commitment to conscientious business practices.

 We found the sets of 3 idea great for filling empty basket space. As small, medium and large size nest together, we are able to fit quite a stack inside the large basket (keeping dimensions in mind).

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