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Shipping Policy

Carrier:  We ship most orders via UPS ground shipping. Our commercial volume discount keeps shipping costs as low as possible. We charge you for the cost of shipping plus a small boxing fee if your order is shipped in new boxes.

Boxing:  When we can, we use sturdy recycled boxes to reduce our footprint and to keep our costs low. We pass that savings on to you by not charging a boxing fee. If you prefer recycled boxes, please indicate this in the Comments field when checking out. If you are averse to recycled boxes, please indicate that as well.

 If recycled boxes are not available, we use new heavy duty corrugated cardboard boxes.

Padding:   We use reclaimed packing materials like shredded paper, packing peanuts, air bladders, lightweight cardboard and dunnage. We have an extended network of businesses and other outlets that happily contribute packing materials. This keeps our costs low.

Careful Packaging:   Our order fulfillment team takes great care when packaging your orders. Since each order contains a unique assortment of products with varied shapes, sizes and weights, they package each order with the safety of the products and the most cost-effective manner of packaging in mind. Over the years, our packers have received compliments galore about their thorough packaging.

LTL Shipments:  On occasion the volume of your order warrants a pallet. In these cases we seek the best possible quote to get your shipment to you safely at the most reasonable price.

Federal Express:  We will ship via Fedex Ground or Expedited at your request. Since Fedex is not our default carrier, we are charged a $12 pick-up fee per shipment that we pass along to you.

Using Your Own Shipper Number:  We are happy to ship your orders using your UPS or Fedex shipper number. To arrange this, please indicate your shipper number during checkout. You may be charged a small boxing fee if we use new boxes to package your order.

International Shipments:  We wish to make ordering tom-bag by Fabiola merchandise as easy as possible for buyers outside the United States. We require international businesses to utilize a freight forwarding service located in the United States. We will ship your order via UPS Ground to the forwarder, and they will consolidate your order with other shipments going to your country. Click here to search the Federal Maritime Commission’s list of licensed freight forwarders.

Direct From Africa:  We will organize containers or air shipments to your location if the volume of your order warrants such shipments. We generally work out the details of such orders by phone as you will be subject to receive F.O.B. pricing.

If you have any questions about our shipping policies, feel free to contact Customer Service or call us at +1 240 675 0625 between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. Pacific time.

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